About us

Many families treat their dogs or cats like he or she is a member of the family. We feel protective over our animals. When they whine or moan, we can feel their pain. When our precious loved ones seem to be ill, we feel it is of vital importance to get them medical assistance, as quickly as possible. There are many, who would go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of man’s best friend. Here at Vet Locator, we understand the importance of taking care of our best friend’s problem immediately. This is why we took the time to develop a complex, but easy to use system, which is perfectly designed, to help you to find the best, closest and highest rated veterinarian. With our website’s comprehensive vet search engine, your pet will receive quick treatment, while you will be able to save the frustration of tracking down a doctor.

Quick Service

When in need of a vet, you need it immediately. There is usually urgency, during your time of crisis. There is always the possibility that your pet’s condition could worsen, if it doesn’t receive a vet’s care promptly. The quickest way to find a good vet, within your area, is to use our website’s features. The process is very straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You will not need to read any instructions, since it is possible navigate our site and find a vet, within a few clicks.

Made Easy with Our Familiar Map Based System

Our website provides pet owners the chance to locate a vet easily, by allowing them to use a map based system that is familiar. The familiarity of the system will allow you to quickly glide from vet to vet, without performing another search. Each of the veterinarian clinics will be displayed prominently making it easy to find more details for each. This is the quickest and most effective way to discover your local vet’s details. The Vet Locator database includes many helpful details including name, phone number, address, and even hours of operation. We also offer a rating system, which can quickly give you an ideal of the selected vet’s quality of service.

Add a Vet

Veterinarians are professionals, who feel the urge to help pets, when they’re in need. We understand this and have made it easier for medical service providers to connect with customers. By adding a clinic to our database, you will be able to increase your exposure, which will give you more opportunities to do what you love, helping animals. You can provide customers with helpful information such as your working hours, clinic name and exact address.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission here at Vet Locator. To put it simply, we wish to be able to help, during one of the most crucial periods of your life. When your pet is in need, you don’t need a phonebook or any other site. Our goal is to ensure that we’re the only website you need. With our comprehensive set tools and extensive database of veterinarians, you will never need to go anywhere else.

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